Monday, January 7, 2008

An Eventful Week

What can I say? I'm exhausted. This last week was a killer... nearly literally! My poor husband worked a very full week before Christmas. He took me on a date while me parents were still around to watch the kiddos, and then woke up Thursday in the middle of the night throwing up. So Friday was a sick day followed by a 4 day weekend for New Years. He felt better Saturday and we had a nice weekend as a family. Spent some time with Dallan's brother's family, went to a couples home for New Years to play games, even went shopping with the girls New Years day. But that afternoon Dallan felt really tired and thought if he just took a nap he'd feel better (seeing as the night before we were up late partying) but one nap wasn't enough, he then laid on the couch and said, I feel terrible. Wednesday he woke up much, much worse, coughing, no voice (well, the voice he had wasn't his own, it was more of a Barry White sort of voice), feverish chills ect. I've never seen Dallan this sick ever! So he called in a sick day and it was all I could do to keep girls from bugging him and let him sleep. It didn't get better. Wednesday he received a Priesthood blessing from our hometeachers and Thursday when he was worse, I told him I was taking him to the doctor. I had read online the symptoms of Pneumonia and he fit the tab perfectly. The doctor wasn't originally going to give us an appointment for Thursday, but when I proceeded to tell them his symptoms they said to bring him in immediately. We never were sure 100% if it was pneumonia (they would have had to x-ray his chest to know for sure) but they gave him antibiotics to treat it or whatever infection it may have been. He ended up taking off the remainder of last week sick in bed. Drugs are wonderful though. By Sunday he no longer sounded like Barry White and isn't coughing nearly as much. Hooray for modern medicine.

Ok, the rest of the story. In the middle of all this chaos, I was trying to make dinner (Thursday night) while Dallan slept, the girls were both hanging on my pant legs and I was tired! Well, I was making this casserole that has a sort of egg based custard in the center, and I must have chosen too small a pan to put it all in. Well, when I went to put it into the oven it tipped and egg batter went oozing onto the inside of the oven door! I had a paper towel already in one hand and thought it wasn't too hot yet, I'd just quickly wipe up the mess with the paper towel. Totally flustered I didn't even realize I was holding a flaming paper towel until my 2 year old says "mommy, what's that?!" THEN I realize my hand is getting super hot! I dropped the flame onto the tile and began whacking it with a kitchen towel (all very curious and exciting to my two witnesses.) Once satisfied the house wasn't going to burn down, I cleaned up the rest of my mess and started the dishwasher. When I reentered the kitchen, minutes later, I noticed an unusual drip under the dishwasher, so I stopped it to open it and see what was going on and a massive gush of water spilled out from under the dishwasher!

It was all very commical looking back on it! Dallan didn't even know this story in full until a couple days ago since he was so delirious during it! So I put the girls to bed and went dishwasher shopping by myself that night. I learned (although it didn't really take all this to teach me) I love my husband. I need him in so many ways, and I don't like it when he's sick! It wasn't fun at all. I was really greatful for the blessing given by our hometeacher because it blessed the rest of us to not get the same infection Dallan had. I can't imagine what would happen if I were to get sick, or the girls for that matter. Lulu has a pretty bad cold and I took her into the doctor on Monday worried it was turning into an infection, but she was clear. The blessing was fulfilled (even if I still have to wade through sick waters with my kiddos, I'll take this over what Dallan had any day).

.... week's contiuation later: Judging a youth concerto competition. Highlights: piccolo playing Vivaldi and a poor clarinetist (#13) who broke his mouthpiece moments before playing... more to come.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas with the Waltons

I did a mass upload finally of my favorite pictures from Christmas. If you are interested in seeing them, there were way too many favorites to fit individually on a blog post, so you can click the link below and view the entire album:

A Simpering Christmas 2007

I hope everyone had a very Wonderful Christmas! We surely did. It was fun to have my family with us. Enjoy the pictures, and I'll be sure to give an update about life soon. This weekend you can look forward to stories about starting a fire in my kitchen and moments later flooding the dishwasher. My poor husband hasn't been to work all week because he somehow contracted pneumonia (If you have been reading, my theory is that his really terrible demands at work finally caught up and he couldn't take anymore) along with some other fun things, I'm exhausted and tomorrow get to go and listen to high school musicians compete to play with the Phoenix symphony for 8 hours! What a blog entry I have coming up (if that wasn't exciting enough!) Anyway, check back for more stories and excitement later.