Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Insight into Dallan's thoughts

When my belly moves, this is what Dallan thinks of. Apparently brothers have similar thoughts.

This is for you Evan:

Bellydancing Redefined

(my apologies for the size of the video. I couldn't find a way to make it bigger, but when I do, I'll put some better wiggle footage up.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ballerina Amelia

Isn't she cute?! I really wanted to start her in something extra-curricular before we had moved to Utah, and had great plans for her to start in Piano lessons. Well, we haven't found a piano teacher yet, but a good friend of mine here informed me of a dance class for 3-5 year olds she was putting her little girls in. When I asked Amelia if she wanted to learn to dance, she just lit up. She has been so excited about it since! We bought her a little leotard and she insisted on the skirt/tutu so she could twirl better.

I watched a little of their class today and was so impressed, and honestly excited, with the teacher and format of the class. She is actually learning to "Plie" and "Releve", and they point their toes and leap around the room. It's so cute!! The teacher reminds them to have beautiful arms, and move gracefully. Amelia is really loving it and I am really impressed on how well she seems to be following her teacher's instructions. She makes such a cute little ballerina.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

30 Weeks!
That's right! I have 10 weeks left to go, and I am counting down. Some people are shocked to find out I still have 10 weeks in this pregnancy, but I've found some very positive aspects to getting this large in my pregnancies (and yes, I do get bigger!)

First: As you can see in my horrible photo-shopped version of this picture, I carry my babies all out front.

What does this mean?

I have some theories:

I don't get sick in my pregnancies. Could this be (and this is only a theory) because the baby is in FRONT of all my internal organs, and therefore doesn't interfere with my stomach, digestive system, lungs ect.?

I don't have to pee an excessive amount while pregnant. Again, I think my baby sits in front of my bladder, not on top of it.

So, while I do get very large while pregnant, and shock many people with my largeness... I am grateful for my body and my babies. I have such easy pregnancies (for the most part) I can deal with being big out front.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A "Walk" through Zion's

We spent Labor Day this year in Zion's National Park. It was BEAUTIFUL! However, 7 months pregnant and accompanied by 2 small children made for an interesting day...
We didn't expect the current or the depth when we got to the middle of the river. Dallan stood on the side lines taking pictures of our life-threatening activity! If we were going to fall in, he was determined to photograph it first, and THEN jump in and rescue his pregnant wife and children.
Then we decided to go for a hike. They said on the bus it was a nice, EASY walk. Ha! It was a steep, dirt .8 mile trail to a pool of water and then .5 miles out. Lucy climbed in my arms and fell asleep about .2 miles into the hike... You do the math.
Amelia on the other hand was a real trooper! She walked the entire hike with her fabulous hiking buddy, Grandma. She even spotted 1 fox, 4 deer, a squirell and lots of lizards on the hike.Isn't Zion's beautiful?! I'd like to go back sometime when I am not "great with child" and carrying sleeping toddlers so I can truly enjoy all the beauty it entails.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drinking Fountain Rules

You know how you tell your children to not put their mouths on drinking fountains?

Sometimes they do really well...
Maybe I should have also told them no drinking BELOW someone else who is drip drinking...AND ABSOLUTELY NO PIPE LICKING!!!
Okay, Lucy, that is just plain gross!