Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Totally Terrific Two's

My baby turned two today. It has been an absolute joy to have Lucy in our family. She creates joy and love everywhere she goes. I wondered why it was that she and her sister seemed to have an instant bond, why from the day she was born Amelia (and everyone else) seemed to just love Lucy. It was my dad on his last visit here who said something like, "Lucy, you have the most pleasant and lovely countenance that just makes everyone feel so happy when they are around you." And it's true. Despite her strong willed and stubborn personality, she just radiates and attracts love. She can brighten my day with her smile, her hugs can simply melt your heart, she is truly a beautiful daughter of God, and we are truly grateful that she came to our family. Happy Birthday little Lulu!Licking the pudding beaters while waiting for sweedish pancakes can be a very hard thing.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What I Do For Fun

I was so excited to be able to see this concert on youtube, I just had to share it. This is me!! This is what I do for fun on Thursday nights! I play with this small chamber group called the St. Stephen's Chamber Wind Ensemble. They play such fun, REAL music, some quite challenging, such as this piece: Hindemith's Septett for Winds. At first I thought it was a bunch of musical mush, but it completely grew on me as time went on. Absolutely amazing piece of music. This is just a group of musicians, some amateur and some professional, who all love to play wonderful music. I am greatful for my musical outlets, they help me to stay real. I hope you enjoy this very small portion of our concert. Oh, and see if you can pick out and name the theme in this piece that shows up in a recent Disney movie. (I am convinced it was taken straight from Hindemith!)

I even get to play English Horn!! Although, this is slightly more embarrassing because my EH skills aren't quite where I want them yet, it's still fun! Enjoy Arthur Bird's Serenade for Winds, mvmt. II.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Once There Was a Snowman

What might have been a dreaded return of winter to most Utahan's, was taken as a great treat for my little girls. I mean, how could you NOT be excited to wake up to snow falling when all you know is sun, sun, and the occasional cloud. Yeah, this was totally a treat! And then it was nice to come back home to all that sun! :)

"Once there was a snow man, small, small, small."
Just leave it to an Arizonan to make a snowman out of trace amounts of snow.