Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Grand Finale: 5K and a Parade

Freedom Festival, 2010

Back in April my friend Valynn had mentioned that she (along with many co-workers) were going to sign up for the Freedom Festival 5K run, and that was the beginning of a running partnership. We decided to train so that we could run a full 5K without looking like the n0n-runners that we were. We used couch to 5K program, and we were both completely astonished that it worked! Both of us, who had never been very good at running without getting winded, within 8 weeks were able to run a full 5K without stopping and could carry on a comfortable conversation the entire time and not feel like jell-o by the end or that our hearts were jumping from our chests! So it really works, folks! I'm a runner now! Our goal was to complete the race in under 30 minutes. We did it in 28.
That's me in the pig-tails and black shorts, in the middle. Valynn is next to me in the grey shorts. The finish line was in view.
Made ya look, didn't I?! It was a bottle. I covered him because I was an idiot and forgot to pack warm things for my supportive children to wear at 7 in the morning! Poor Matthew was brought with nothing but a onesie on, and it was COLD! All three of my children had blue lips and goose bumps when I found them at the finish line. Oops! I learned a lot about race prep, mostly because of error, but we all survived!
We also all went home and took naps later on. Poor things. They were so excited to come and watch the race though, but 6:00 came all too early for everyone!

After the race, we walked down to the parade route which was easily a mile away, and once the sun came out over the mountain all complaints about being cold quickly vanished. We found great seats right up on the road next to some really nice Grandparents. It was a fun parade.
They had a bunch of these really big balloons. Curious George was my girls favorite balloon.
But this was the most popular attraction on the parade, hands down. Cinderella! This poor girl was probably the last one off the parade route. She was mauled by just about every child along the parade route, and folks, this is Provo! There are a LOT of kids! It took her 15 minutes just to get past our little spot.
The other great feature on the parade, which I didn't catch a picture of and I wish I had, was the cast members from "CATS" the musical were on a float. My girls just LOVE this musical, ever since their sweet cousins introduced it to them in February. They can sing almost every song and were so excited to see the beautiful white cat, among others, coming down the road on the Tuachan theater float.
But then, when it was all over, we had to find our car again. We didn't plan this very well. Dallan parked for the race, which made lots of sense at 6:00 in the morning, but at 11:00, when we needed to go home we faced a 2 mile walk back to our car, uphill... with three kids and a double stroller. UGH! It was hot, we were all tired, and we didn't make it to the car until after noon. Thank heaven for that little oasis of a pizza store on our way. It truly saved the day!

It was an Independence Day weekend to remember.


I'm so thankful for freedom. It's something we experience every day of our lives, and yet I believe can be easily forgotten of taken for granted. It is what allows us to speak, to believe, and experience life with our families how and what we may. People sought out this land for freedom of religion, and I believe God blessed this land to be a place where people could come to become closer to him. I'm truly proud to be an American!

My children are too, even if they don't know it yet.


Well, with the 4th on a Sunday this year, Independence Day seemed to go on FOREVER! Which I was okay with. The weekend was lots of fun. We started the holiday off with a "bang" and played around with fire. Lucy insisted on bringing her fire hat to the Haslam's for dinner that evening, because where there is fire you must have fire safety. We all felt safe with with Lucy around. The Haslam's have been my friends since high school, and we happen to have children that all correspond closely in age. So it's been fun living near them again. The girls have become close friends with their girls, in fact every time we see them they all seem to sporaticly burst into affectionate hugs. They were just being stinkers when I tried to get them in a picture. We had a fun BBQ, followed by some good fireworks in the street, then we left the husbands to put babies to bed and us 6 girls went to watch the stadium of fire fireworks in Provo. It was good enough motivation for my kids to all nap REALLY well that afternoon, otherwise this wouldn't have been possible. We didn't get home until after 11:00, easily the latest my kids have ever been up! It was a lot of fun!
Amelia and Quincy
Lucy and Eleanor
Sparklers were a fun first experience
Stadium of Fire, viewed from Fox Field in Provo. Dallan did experiment once the booms could be heard and said he could see the highest fireworks from the porch of our house, and many of our ward members just watched from our church parking lot.