Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Never mind. It was the stomach flu.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's My Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To!

Well, Lucy is officially a three year old. She is an absolute joy! For her birthday, she really wanted nothing more than a spider web of balloons in the house. She was such a fun two year old, saying silly things, giving sweet, sweet hugs, learning so many new things. I can't wait to watch the three year old Lucy learn and grow. She wants to start dance classes this year, and has worked very hard to be 100% potty-trained JUST so she can go to dance class. She likes to figure stuff out, and I'm pretty sure she'll be making herself scrambled eggs or pancakes one of these mornings while I'm sleeping! She's so smart, so fun and I love her to pieces.

Unfortunately she's had a rough couple of weeks. A little over two weeks ago, she wasn't wanting to eat very much. At first it didn't seem abnormal (because kids tend to go up and down with appetite anyway) but Saturday two weeks ago today, she didn't eat anything and I went to bed a little worried. That night she woke up around 3:00 and for the first time in her life legitimately puked. Problem was, there wasn't anything in her tummy to puke up. So it was pure acid, and it STUNK! She then threw up every hour on the hour for the following 6 hours. I was able to get her to eat a cracker or two, and sent Dallan to the store for some Gatorade, and she would get that in her tummy and then throw it up. So we assumed, a stomach bug got her. We all stayed home from church, exhausted, and traded off taking naps. After a nap, Lucy seemed to feel much better, and didn't throw up anymore that afternoon. She still didn't eat much, and really didn't eat for about 4 days after. The following weekend she started eating and acting much better! I thought we were done. Then Monday evening, the food strike began again, and out came the puke just after bedtime. This time it lasted 3 hours and she spent the night next to me in bed. Tuesday, not much food, but she felt better. Wednesday while eating chicken noodle soup (and she had eaten a good amount) she coughed and out it came all over the kitchen. Another long night.

Thursday I finally decided to take her to the doctor. He poked her, had her pee in a cup, checked her ears, and every other theory was tested as to why this little girl wasn't feeling well. He finally came to the conclusion that she was slightly dehydrated from being sick and her tummy had just become incredibly sensitive from the bug she had had. He said she wasn't contagious from whatever it was (and no one else in the family has gotten this), but if the throwing up persisted we may consider putting her in the hospital for blood tests and rehydration. So I got her drinking small amounts of gatorade often, but she still threw up that afternoon after her nap. Then again last night just after going to bed, both ends at the same time, and we were up until midnight!

I don't write this to make you squeemish, I'm actually hoping for some potential input as to why this is going on. We almost took her to the hospital last night, but after a conversation with the on-call doctor, and confirming no intense abdominal pain or fever, decided to stay home and keep on the same track we've been on. I just want my baby girl to feel better! She's completely miserable and didn't even eat any of her birthday dinner, or cake. In fact every time food was present, she just quietly wandered up to her room and shut the door. She's very frustrated, and I am too! Any ideas? She's too cute to feel this miserable.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Matthew Moments

My little guy is starting to get so big! His talents are developing so nicely, and have expanded from expert spitter, to fist swallower and toe grabber. He's also practicing his sleeping skills and has some good days now. He's officially moved out of our room into a room of his own (such a big step) and last night slept a whole 8 hours in there, all by himself! I am a very proud mommy right now. What an amazing little guy I have!
(I'm not much of a decorator, but actually finished a nursery for my first time! It's a HUGE accomplishment for me.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Easter Bunny

We thought the Easter Bunny would enjoy some carrots this year in exchange for some candy.
We were right!!!!
The girls even duly noted the bits of chewed up carrot he seemed to have left behind and thought he was surely one of the messiest bunnies ever!
He even left a little something for Matthew.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Oh, spring, where art thou?

I'm confused. Which holiday were we supposed to have celebrated yesterday?
Spring, please come to stay.
Easter 2010