Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rearranging Spaces

This was my laundry room before today:
Not very pretty, was it. I have always struggled with organizing things in a functional way, so that it could stay clean. Thanks to my wonderful and amazing friend, she helped me create a plan for organization and this was the result of our planning:

It's not done, but I was so proud of how much cleaner it looked after an hour of cleaning today, I just had to brag. And all it took was rearranging space that already exsisted! Who knew!!

We also attacked the top of my fridge and counter space.
All I can say is, YAY!!
(oh and you can just ignore the paper clutter on the fridge, it's next!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Campout

Amelia wanted to have a camp-out in the backyard, and so Dallan (being the amazing father that he is!) started making plans with her for a Friday night camp-out. Although Lucy and I chose not to spend the night outdoors, we were invited to join in their evening fun.

The Dinner picnic (it had to have been 103 degrees outside BEFORE the fire!!)

The Tent

The Helpers
The best night ever!!

And for any doubters, this is where she slept ALL NIGHT LONG. And truly had the time of her life.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Get a Baby Brother

1. Start praying to Heavenly Father to send you one.

2. Be REALLY good and REALLY obedient for your parents.

3. Stay in your own bed all night long

The result if you do this is about 50% of getting you a baby brother. At least, this is what was told to Amelia back in January by her daddy. I'll have you know, that girl immediately got to work on this list. I have never seen someone more diligent in their prayers on faithfully asking for something than I saw this little girl do those few months.

"Please bless us with a baby brother" was included in every prayer, morning and night, and was even inserted into other's prayers when they failed to mention it. I do not think she missed a single prayer for three months that did not have a sincere asking in it, for this. I even asked her at one point what she wanted for Christmas this year. I bet you can guess her response. Yup, it was "I just want a baby brother."

Well, I believe it was two months of listening to her pray for this that I decided to open my heart to the idea of a new baby. You know what that means, I immediately felt like it was time to invite another little spirit into our home. I had to twist Dallan's arm, but he finally agreed to this idea.

Within 2 weeks, I had a funny feeling that I just might be expecting. I thought, it must be all in my head. No one gets pregnant that quickly after coming off the pill. But sure enough, another 2 weeks went by, and all suspicions were confirmed!

Now, I am convinced that Amelia prayed this little spirit here. I have often felt that her faith is stronger than some, possibly a gift to her from our Heavenly Father. And the moment we told her that a baby was in my tummy, her prayers changed to immediate gratitude, thanking God for sending her a baby brother. I guess time will tell if a brother is really what God has in mind for our growing little family. So, boy or girl, Amelia is getting a baby for Christmas (around December 3rd, is what I'm told).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009