Friday, May 16, 2008

Emily Noxon is AMAZING!

I'm so excited for this friend I had to share. It's fun to see people you know and went to High School with do amazing things, and this Emily Noxon is one of the most amazing people I know. I'm proud to say I was in choir at one point with Emily! :) Way to go Emily! This video won her a competition against nearly 400 other people competing to sing with the band Rascal Flatts, and amazing Emily WON!!! I just think that is SOOOO cool! Take a look at her video:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Traveling like crazy

After looking at my friend Kellie's blog, and after her saying how bad she felt for not posting things often enough, I felt REALLY bad! But I have a legitimate excuse for that. We had a crazy fun April, with family visiting and us going all over the place, I am kind of shocked by it being May already because, wait, where did April go?! Anyway, thought I'd at least share some photo highlights of our adventures. First we went to Utah to celebrate our upcoming 5 year wedding anniversary. The girls stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while we played most of the week like we were newlyweds again. Lucy had her first birthday while we were in Utah, so of course we spent that day with the girls. Best moments included a wonderful blizzard in Park city, (and I thought I'd missed my chance to see snow this year) getting a pedicure, Lucy's birthday of course, a chance to go to the Salt Lake Temple, and I finally got to ride the historic Heber Valley Railroad. I learned on this trip that 4 days like without my girls is much too much for me. I really missed them the second half of the week.

When we got back from Utah, we had a trip to the Whiting homestead planned for the following weekend. Dallan defended this vacation saying it was planned before all the rest, and at first I thought it was to fulfill YM President duties. I was under the impression he needed to take his advisor up there to plan an upcoming superactivity. Really Dallan just wanted to go to the Homestead. So we went Simper style "camping" Friday and Saturday. It was cold but beautiful!

And now, we are planning to leave in two days for Idaho to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday with the rest of my family. I am very nervous for this because I will be flying alone with my girls. We have bought magic markers and papers to color, along with stickers and I plan to take the girls favorite toys along, but there are so many restrictions on airlines now, and cranky people who don't like or understand kids. I mean, my girls are good, but can I really demand them to stay still and quite for 3 hours of flying. I can't even get that in church!! Anyway, if there are any other experienced child flyers out there with some suggestions let me know. And hopefully you'll get to see pictures from that event (but don't hold your breath)... no, life calms down again after this trip. So I promise, I'll do better!!