Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Smiles

I couldn't believe I actually caught his first smile on camera, but I did it! It was after a good nights sleep and a full belly, I was talking to him and he looked at me and grinned a very big, very deliberate grin. I just love these first moments with my babies.
He's been practicing facial expressions ever since.8 weeks old today.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Little Fairy Dance

Amelia has been dancing for 5 months now with the Hale Center Theater and LOVES it. She knows and anticipates Sunday's, because the day after Sunday she goes to dance class. I never was much of a dancer, so I'm really glad my daughter is having the opportunity to learn to dance somewhere. Maybe it will give her more grace and confidence on the dance floor later on than I ever had. Speaking of confidence, she had her first ballet recital today. It was so cute! The little girls did their very best and had a lot of fun. Amelia didn't seem nervous at all to be in front of all the people, and when I asked her if it was scary or fun, she told me it wasn't scary at all. What a good experience for her.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Day of Rest.

Well, today was comical. To the point of complete exhaustion, comical. Sunday's are not my favorite day as a mom. I think I used to like Sunday's and I think I might like them again someday. But for now I strongly dislike them. I will refrain from hating them, because I might get struck down by lightning if I were to say that. So for now, I strongly dislike.

Today was especially exhausting. My girls haven't napped or slept really well in weeks, the baby isn't going to bed until sometime after midnight and I am just tired. But I told myself I would make it to church today, ALL of church. So I took my shower, put on make-up (which seems to be happening less and less often lately) and got ready. However, that isn't enough for a mom. Not with 3 little ones anyway. I then had to chase down two little girls, fix their hair, find their dresses, tights, shoes ect. In all of that taking multiple breaks to feed a baby, change a baby and put a baby down for naps. (Oh and I think I also forgot to mention Lucy has decided to be a big girl this week and we are in the middle of potty training her... which really means training ME) Then I had to entertain the little girls who were bored and becoming destructive. (Did I mention how tired I already was?) Luckily paper and pencils did the trick. But then I had to find them all food (again) with just enough time to eat a couple bites of food myself before the baby cried (again). So already pushing time I made the decision to get the family to church before feeding the baby, otherwise everyone would be late for their classes. So he (the baby) cried, a lot, while we shuffled off to church (late). Dallan had to drop us off at the curb for lack of parking, and so me and the three kids (one screaming and two with dirty faces) ran into church (I mean, walked oh so reverently...) where I gave a quick wet wipe to each of the dirty faces and sent them to class while I hurried off to the mother's lounge with a screaming baby. I made it in to Relief Society for the closing song. That was nice. Now time to take Lucy to the bathroom.

Our Sacrament Meeting is last, and I was asked to say the invocation for the meeting, which I foolishly thought would work. However in the shuffle of girls needing to go to the bathroom and getting to the chapel, Matthew decided it was time to eat again. So Dallan held the screaming baby out in the foyer until I had said the prayer and then without pausing from the pulpit, off I went to the mothers lounge. 30 minutes later I rejoined my family, when Lucy requested to use the restrooms. So up I was again. Finally thinking I could sit and enjoy the meeting with my family, Lucy realized she had unfinished business and needed more time on the potty. Ugh! And this time it involved a pants clean up and excited declarations of success from her while she was sitting in her stall. By the time she was done, the meeting was near done, but when we got back to the pew I was handed Matthew who had decided he wanted a turn getting his pants changed. Off I went AGAIN to the bathrooms, where upon removing the boys diaper he started pooping all over the changing pad.

And that was church today. Followed by no naps. The phrase "a day of rest" must be referring to some other group of people. Cause it sure ain't one here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Bless-ed Day

Getting ready for the big day
Doesn't he look so handsome in his little bow tie and vest?
I love this little guy so much!
The proud parentsThe crazy trioOne big happy, eternal familyMatthew and his Maternal HeritageThe Paternal bunchThe GrandparentsIt truly was a blessed day!
Matthew Dallan Simper - January 3, 2010

And The Answer Is...

1. Matt
2. Matt

3. Lucy
4. Amelia
5. Matt
6. Amelia
7. Matt
8. Lucy
9. Amelia
(See previous post...)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Guess Who?

I am absolutely amazed by genetics! We had a wonderful visit with Dallan's parents last weekend and the discussion arose a couple times about who looked like who, and where certain identifying marks came from. This conversation left me curious and looking back through baby photos of my babies. Honestly, I was shocked! First of all, I don't know that I would have recognized some of the photos I came across (especially of Amelia when she was tiny) and second, I couldn't believe the incredible similarities between my children. So I made a quiz.

Can you tell who is who?

Aren't genetics fun? And just look at where this lovely set came from:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Little Cuties

These sweet little girls are making this transition to three so much easier for me. Amelia loves her little siblings with an unconditional love. Lucy loves her big sister more than anything in this world (and is starting to love Matthew more and more each day). But the fact that these two little girls have each other to play with, and scheme with, makes life feel doable. I am so grateful for my little family.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Crying He Makes

One of our family traditions for Christmas is to reenact the nativity. It is the part of Christmas Eve that Amelia in particular looks forward to the most. She was especially excited to play the part of Mary this year (mostly so she could have Matthew...) However, our baby Jesus didn't seem to understand the part "no crying he makes."
Meet the cast:
Amelia and Matthew as Mary and Jesus
& Lucy as the Shepherd

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Just a glimpse at what Christmas was like at our house this year. There weren't any Schnitzel with noodles, but there were a few favorite things acquired.
Say Cheese! Both girls got camera's for Christmas. Amelia thought that was the best thing in the whole wide world. However, I think she likes it more for the extra games that she can play on it than she does for the picture taking. Someday, I'll help her make a book of the pictures she takes and we'll call it "Name that Knee."
Candy! Candy! Candy! It's all Lucy wanted for Christmas. She was found with kisses and dum dums all morning ALL around the house. She even took her candy for a ride, sorted by type, size, and flavor on our new snow sled.
And these are three of my most favorite things.
The Simper's Merry Christmas 2009 (note the candy!)