Saturday, December 15, 2007

Growin' Up

Here you go, mom in NEAZ, Lulu crawling for a balloon "speedily." This was 5 days ago however, and she's gotten better since. I've caught her in the bathroom a number of times after a mad dash down the hall, and she can now pull herself up to standing on stools, chairs, her crib, Bedelia's bed AND can find electrical outlets. I love this stage, but the awareness level in "where is Lucy?!" and "What's Lucy doing?" is just flat out making me tired!
And here is Lulu after Daddy made her go to sleep on her own when he was in charge of the girls during a concert of mine. Very similar to another little girl in our home at about the same age. Just thought it was funny. I literally had to peel her apart to get her to lay flat when I got home. Guess which is which.


Anonymous said...

We have an almost identical picture of JuJu when she was about the same age. I guess when you're made of rubber you can sleep however you want!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. If I slept like that, all of my appendages and capilaries would be numb and tingling in a nerve-crazed concert. It makes me cringe.

What is it "they say"? Sleep, energy and agility are wasted on the young. They have it when they don't want it. Old people would like lots of it, but can't have it.
Fun pictures - thanks for sharing from NE AZ