Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Campout

Amelia wanted to have a camp-out in the backyard, and so Dallan (being the amazing father that he is!) started making plans with her for a Friday night camp-out. Although Lucy and I chose not to spend the night outdoors, we were invited to join in their evening fun.

The Dinner picnic (it had to have been 103 degrees outside BEFORE the fire!!)

The Tent

The Helpers
The best night ever!!

And for any doubters, this is where she slept ALL NIGHT LONG. And truly had the time of her life.


Laura said...

What a great daddy!

107?!? Our highs are in the low 50s right now. :( I could really go for some capri days.

Ellen said...

Looks like fun, except for sleeping on the ground, bugs, dirt, 107degree temp-Yikes!, tin foil mixed in the food, neighborhood dogs barking. Other than that, looks like fun.

Bedelia probably didn't notice any of the things except for the fun.

Kay said...

How fun! I told Boo about it and she said "I don't want to sleep in a tent!" I guess she didn't understand what I was telling her.

Chris said...

How cute! I was just thinking what ages we were when we started camping. I like the backyard tent idea. I wonder when Gregory will be game for that?