Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garden Success

We started our garden in February this year hoping to beat the heat. Near the end of march we started enjoying the fruits of our labors. First it was peas:
Then we started getting zucchini in April and have been having zucchini through our ears, making zucchini bread (the girls favorite), pasta with zucchini, zucchini casseroles... that has been a fun and HUGE success! We got to eat (well, Amelia ate) a handful of strawberries before they burnt in the heat. And today we finally harvested our corn! It wasn't much, but it turned out MUCH better than our corn last year because we got some! I was sad that it wasn't good corn on the cob eating's, but tonight we turned that beautiful home grown corn into some good homemade corn chowder. Wow, was it tasty! Talk about enjoying the fruits of our labors.

Now, come on watermelon...


Kellie said...

Hey, where is my zucchini bread??? huh, huh, huh??? ;)

Kellie said...

I got it and it was yummy, probably gained 3 pounds from it, but boy was it yummy ;) Thanks Stephy!!!!