Saturday, July 18, 2009

Opperation Cat Transportation

Have you seen the movie Bolt? In this Disney film there is a cat. This cat is quite bitter toward people because they seem to just pick up and move and leave the cat behind. Well, I'm starting to see why most people WOULD choose to ditch the cat when they move over states. It would be MUCH easier! Did we do this? Of course not! We had to make things extremely difficult and take the cat with us. What things did it make complicated? Well, first there was the complication of finding a rental house that would even allow a cat. Then there is the actual act of getting the cat to a place 12 hours from your home. And THEN there is the temporary housing for the said cat until you are able to move into your house. UGH! So...

Step 1: Convince the soon to be landlords that your cat is a sweet, loving and clean animal.


Step 2: Buy $50 worth of supplies such as claw covers, kennel, hairball medicine and brush to help the temporary housing situation feel more comfortable.


Step 3: Actually get the claw covers on the cat.

This almost worked. I think this morning there were 6 out of 10 still on her. Not bad for the first time applying them I think.

Step 4: Drug the cat with Benadryl to make her drowsy for the 12 hour ride in the car.

Now, this was only done by recommendation of the vet. However they failed to mention that it would make the cats mouth foam up like they had rabies and start spitting all over the place! Have you ever seen a cat spit?! It's very funny!

Step 5: Have the children reassure the crying cat that she would be okay and they love her.

Step 6: Send Dallan AND the cat (and the litter box, and cat food, and extra water and....) off on a 12 hour journey to Orem.


So why do we love this cat so much? Oh yeah, because she's our cat and we'd never hear the end of it if we didn't do all this to bring her with us.

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Debbie and Boys said...

Oh, dear...what a trooper she is-and so are you. I had no idea the troubles that would entail.