Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Overdue Update

Well, we have finally moved into our new house in Provo Utah! The boxes are (almost) unpacked, which I think is pretty good after only 2 weeks of being here. For an update of all our happenings:

Dallan's job is going well. He actually felt like he had a productive day yesterday for the first time.

However, his car isn't doing as well. It made it a week after we all got here and one of the fan belts and a/c decided to quit working. Argh! So, it's sitting in the driveway, and we are making due as a one car family until we can afford to fix it, AGAIN! The good news is, our house is only 2 miles from his work, so we can easily drive him there and back and I can still use the car. Yay for little blessings in disguise.

I've starting hanging pictures around the house this week, and Amelia made the comment a couple mornings ago, "well, this is starting to feel like our home now!" So that made me feel good.

After 3 1/2 weeks of absolutely NO sort of sleep schedule and late LATE bedtimes, the girls went to bed ALMOST on time last night and slept until 8:00 this morning... that is definite progress.

My mom and dad are only a few miles away from us, and it has been fun learning what it's like to have parents close by. Sunday dinners, someone to learn how to do canning with, having a fabulous garden to "borrow" yummy things from. :) This week we are going to bottle apple pie filling and apple sauce using the apples we've picked from a tree in our backyard.

We still don't have internet at our house, which I've found is quite annoying!! Although they are installing it Thursday, thank goodness. I mean, I can survive without it (as I sit at my mom's house using her internet... thanks mom) but its hard not to have my trusty google at my fingertips to find places and phone numbers, or facebook OR email!!! So I'll be glad when I can communicate with the outside world again from home.

We found out last night we officially have someone moving into our Mesa house the first of September, renting it. I'm really having to disconnect my heart from that little house, because honestly the thought of others living in it is hard for me. I wish we could sell it, but I have to be content renting it and not caring if things happen to it. sigh...

Oh, and I finally got a doctor's appointment scheduled for next week. It's only one month after I was supposed to have my last doctors visit, so that isn't TOO bad!

As for the baby no. 3, he's moving a LOT and I feel like I'm entering the third trimester... I'll be 24 weeks on Thursday (I think...) and I'm already feeling quite large. I'm entering my final clothing stage, where I can't get away with some of my maternity clothes anymore, and bending over is becoming a chore. The heartburn has decided to kick in as well. What do all these things tell me? I've crossed the halfway point and its the beginning of the end! :)

We are starting to feel like we belong though, and our daily routine is finally starting to stabilize itself. We are really counting our many blessings.


Kay said...

So glad you guys are getting settled in! So sad you guys aren't close anymore. Just another reason to come visit Utah I guess! :)

Debbie and Boys said...

The bittersweet of moving is sweet when you get to be with family more often. How awesome to hang out with your mom. Love it!