Monday, June 14, 2010

Dinosaur Train Party

PBS has a new show this year, the Dinosaur Train, which Amelia and Lucy have fallen in love with. The dino characters are completely lovable, and perfect for the young imaginative mind to relate to. So, Amelia requested a dinosaur train birthday party this year. It was supposed to be held outside in our backyard, but it decided to rain when the birthday party was scheduled for. We were flexible, and adjusted our gathering activity from digging for dino's in the sandbox to making junior conductor hats. The kids seemed to really like the hats, and some even kept them on the entire party. So that was a success.

We played dino games, like "What time is it Mr. T-Rex?" and I thought it was really cute how each child that was it had a favorite dinosaur and so it was, Mr. Allosaurus, and Mr. Stegasaurus, and Mr. Aubreyasaurus... you get the idea. They had a blast playing this game. We tried played "Hot Lava Rock", like hot potato, and whether it made the kids nervous or what, only 5 of the kids wanted to participate in this game. So we moved on.
Amelia planned the refreshment table, and I loved her idea. We had a carnivore plate (with chicken, on bones, a very important factor for Amelia), an herbavore plate (fruits and veggies) and a bowl of goldfish for the pteranadons. We found some great little straw cups at a party store for really cheap, and each child got to write their name on one, and take it home with them. So we had juice and water to go with the snacks (and ZERO spills! A success in itself with 14 kids in the house!).

My friend Valynn was a HUGE help, and made this adorable pin the tail on the t-rex game. This is Buddy, the T-rex from the show. The kids seemed to really enjoy this game, too!
We also had a pinata, but I didn't get pictures, probably because we were all trying to protect children from getting whacked with the bat. But they had a good time with that. Then we had present opening. The kids liked grabbing the present they brought and personally presenting, and often helping to open it. So that was fun!
And just look at this super fun cake! I owe all credit to my dad for this. He decorated all of our cakes growing up (which I added up to be 20+ years of cake decorating in our house. 40 if you think of the 8 years for all 5 of us kids... that's a lot of cakes!) and while I struggled with the idea in my own mind, he kindly stepped in to help. It was BEAUTIFUL! And done in less than 2 hours. Thanks, dad!
It was such a fun party. I usually don't like throwing parties, but this one was fun. I liked how involved Amelia was in planning it, and the kids had such a great time. But I'm really glad I have at LEAST 2 years before I plan another one!


Ellen said...

What a cake artist your Dad is. He is really a versatile guy. What a colorful party you brought together with a little help from your friends. Looks like fun.
Happy Happy to Amelia from NEAZ

Kay said...

Cute cake! I wish I was better at the whole party planning thing. That's a good idea to let the child help... I'll ponder upon that...

curtis03 Lewis said...

Joyous to know about your dinosaur train party. I am planning to arrange a dinosaur train party with my neighbors and in hunt of exemplary venues for the same. Really want to host an awesome party.