Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Fun Nite

Our friend Ashlyn turned 5 yesterday, and for her birthday invited us to Xtreme play with her and her family for Monday, family fun night.

So family fun night it was! The girls bounced themselves silly, and you often found Lucy rambling to herself, "my bouncy castle..." I have to brag for a moment, Lucy conquered quite the feat tonight in climbing up the "big kid" ladders to reach the "big kid" slides. They had a specific boucing area designated for those 3 and under. Yeah, it lasted for Lucy about 5 minutes. All the other kids were having a blast on the big slides and leaving her out. Yeah, right!! The problem was, they all had these steep climbing walls, with nothing to hold onto but some wobbly blocks to climb up. The other challenge, parents were not allowed to enter the bouncy castles. So here I am watching my 2 year old, for 15 minutes try to scale a wall, fall off and try again. It took Dallan covering my mouth and restraining me from calling for help for her. I am grateful I have a partner in this adventure of parenting who can recognize growth moments for our children and can tell me to back off. After 15 minutes of determination and little progress, she persisted and conquered, and then spent the rest of the nights with the big kids. I was the proudest mom in bouncy castle heaven tonight! She held up traffic, but gained many adoring fans. Amelia also made me proud and watched out for her baby sister and helped her when needed. It was, in Amelia's words, "the best night EVER!"

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Kellie said...

I am so proud of YOU! ;) Good job letting her do it on her own...not that you had much choice in the matter, haha!