Monday, March 9, 2009

Warning Label

I've often thought parenthood should come with a few warning labels, such as:

CAUTION: Side affects include drowsiness, loss of sleep and crankiness


CAUTION: Children may seem broken at times, especially in their ears, and may erupt in random loud shrieks, but don't worry. This is normal.

Well, today's warning is that of health.

CAUTION: Children may inflict serious injuries on their parents.
It's a good thing they're so cute that we can throw all caution to the wind.

Besides, it's a whole lot of fun to tell stories when people see my black eye. The truth, a really hard head and a really hard-head butting two year old.


Ellen said...

You are right on! I had at least 6 head butting assaults from kids, but no black eyes. What a great war wound you received!

One of life's truths - love hurts. Those cute cherubs make life uncomfortable for parents in more ways than head butting. I guess that is what parents gain in life lessons along with the very fun parts of on-the-job-training rearing children.

What great war wounds and stories you are collecting to tell the cherubs when they are much older.

Kellie said...