Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brother for Trade?

Tonight we were invited to dinner with some friends of ours from our former Tempe Ward. They had a little boy, about a month younger than Lucy, and all day Amelia was looking forward to meeting and playing with little Tommy. Well, play they did! Those three kids ran around our friends apartment until they were breaking a sweat, squealing with delight. So we started joking with them and saying, "Amelia, do you think we should take Tommy home with us?" and usually she says, no. Well tonight her brain was on a different wave length.

"YES!" she said with some enthusiasm. Then she proceeded to offer our friends Lucy in exchange! What?! And Amelia was very put out when we told her we wanted to keep Lucy, we were just teasing about taking Tommy home with us. So she said, "But I want a little brother like this one." As she picks up Tommy and carries him around the room and then not so gently puts him on the floor, but he just laughed as he bonked his head on the floor.

And then I realized! She wants a brother, because she can be herself and no one cries when they get hurt. There aren't any girly squeals when she drops a brother on his head, and can simply rough house. Lucy isn't up for much of that behavior. She is a great playmate when it comes to playing pretend and just having a sister to play with, but doesn't like to play rough. I laughed at this thought.

On the way home, before both girls crashed from exhaustion we discussed this brother issue further. We told Amelia if she prayed real hard for a brother and was kind and obedient to her Mommy and Daddy, that Heavenly Father might be able to send her a brother. So she pipes up, "So we'll pray for a brother tonight and when we wake up tomorrow Lucy will be a brother!"



Ellen said...

Be careful what you wish for. Be careful what you promise your kids. You are between a rock and a sonogram.

Kerri said...

Yet another fantastic Amelia story. She's so great.

Sophie cried and cried and cried and cried when we found out Kate would be a girl. She was devastated. She hoped maybe I'd actually have two babies at once. She did get her brother finally, and she loves him to death! It's very cute.

Kim said...

Again, you have cracked me up... So what happened when Amelia woke up and the "brother fairy" had not come? maybe Amelia needs to join the boy scouts...or a new playgroup?!

Kellie said...

Just send her our way for a few days and I guarantee she will change her mind, quickly!!!!

Chris said...

"Amelia, it takes a long, LONG time to make a brother. In the meantime, we'll just go visit Tommy more." How's that?

(Alternatively, you could have Dallan invent a transporter device, and Amelia could come visit Gregory -- who is turning out to be a very stout little fellow!)

Kay said...

You just need to work on "making" her a brother. But we'd be willing to lend ours that's on the way out to ya, for a small price... ☺