Monday, September 28, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

30 Weeks!
That's right! I have 10 weeks left to go, and I am counting down. Some people are shocked to find out I still have 10 weeks in this pregnancy, but I've found some very positive aspects to getting this large in my pregnancies (and yes, I do get bigger!)

First: As you can see in my horrible photo-shopped version of this picture, I carry my babies all out front.

What does this mean?

I have some theories:

I don't get sick in my pregnancies. Could this be (and this is only a theory) because the baby is in FRONT of all my internal organs, and therefore doesn't interfere with my stomach, digestive system, lungs ect.?

I don't have to pee an excessive amount while pregnant. Again, I think my baby sits in front of my bladder, not on top of it.

So, while I do get very large while pregnant, and shock many people with my largeness... I am grateful for my body and my babies. I have such easy pregnancies (for the most part) I can deal with being big out front.


Kellie said...

You look great! I can't wait to meet him...all to soon...but not soon enough, I know you know what I mean :)

Kami and Erik said...

haha thanks for the picture drawn on your tummy for us visual readers... :) Hope you are doing well in ut! The girls are so cute and getting so big!

Janae said...

Your tummy may get big but the rest of you sure doesn't!! :0) I think you look adorable!!

Kay said...

I'm amazed at your skinny-ness afterwards. You always slim down, so it doesn't matter how big you get, you'll be thin in the end! :)

Ellen said...

I was amazed with your first pregnancy that you were so big that last 6 weeks. You just blossomed, so I have not been surprised by the change.
Hope things go swimmingly this Fall.
Hugs and kisses for the Simpers in Provo from the Simpers in NEAZ