Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A "Walk" through Zion's

We spent Labor Day this year in Zion's National Park. It was BEAUTIFUL! However, 7 months pregnant and accompanied by 2 small children made for an interesting day...
We didn't expect the current or the depth when we got to the middle of the river. Dallan stood on the side lines taking pictures of our life-threatening activity! If we were going to fall in, he was determined to photograph it first, and THEN jump in and rescue his pregnant wife and children.
Then we decided to go for a hike. They said on the bus it was a nice, EASY walk. Ha! It was a steep, dirt .8 mile trail to a pool of water and then .5 miles out. Lucy climbed in my arms and fell asleep about .2 miles into the hike... You do the math.
Amelia on the other hand was a real trooper! She walked the entire hike with her fabulous hiking buddy, Grandma. She even spotted 1 fox, 4 deer, a squirell and lots of lizards on the hike.Isn't Zion's beautiful?! I'd like to go back sometime when I am not "great with child" and carrying sleeping toddlers so I can truly enjoy all the beauty it entails.

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Kay said...

You're a trooper! I'm impressed.