Wednesday, January 6, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Just a glimpse at what Christmas was like at our house this year. There weren't any Schnitzel with noodles, but there were a few favorite things acquired.
Say Cheese! Both girls got camera's for Christmas. Amelia thought that was the best thing in the whole wide world. However, I think she likes it more for the extra games that she can play on it than she does for the picture taking. Someday, I'll help her make a book of the pictures she takes and we'll call it "Name that Knee."
Candy! Candy! Candy! It's all Lucy wanted for Christmas. She was found with kisses and dum dums all morning ALL around the house. She even took her candy for a ride, sorted by type, size, and flavor on our new snow sled.
And these are three of my most favorite things.
The Simper's Merry Christmas 2009 (note the candy!)

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