Friday, January 8, 2010

Guess Who?

I am absolutely amazed by genetics! We had a wonderful visit with Dallan's parents last weekend and the discussion arose a couple times about who looked like who, and where certain identifying marks came from. This conversation left me curious and looking back through baby photos of my babies. Honestly, I was shocked! First of all, I don't know that I would have recognized some of the photos I came across (especially of Amelia when she was tiny) and second, I couldn't believe the incredible similarities between my children. So I made a quiz.

Can you tell who is who?

Aren't genetics fun? And just look at where this lovely set came from:


Kerri said...

Steph, that's really fun...I'm not even going to try to guess, although I think I can recognize each of them in one or two.

Chris said...

I'm guessing that Amelia is 3, 4, and 8; Lucy is 2, 6, and 9; and Matthew is 1, 5, and 7. How'd I do?