Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jesus Loves Me

Amelia gave her first church talk in Primary today. Her topic was "Jesus Loves Me" and with some conversation about the topic and me with a pen and paper in hand, I wrote down her talk for her. This was all Amelia. I was very proud of her.

"Jesus shows his love for me in so many ways. I know that Jesus created me and this world. I know that He gave me my body. I know that He will protect me and help me to know that He is really there. I know He shows his love by being kind and nice to the children. I know that He can help me be nice to my brother and sister. I know that He'll help me be nice and He'll show his love for me. I know He love's my friend, Faith, and we can love our friends like Jesus loves us. I know I can learn about Jesus' love for us when I read the scriptures, and i know He'll help me learn to read. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Later in conversation (and not included in the talk,) she adds,

"Well, He wanted to die so all His little ones could be resurrected."

Amelia, your testimony is amazing and wonderful! I love my sweet girl. I really didn't know being a parent and watching your children learn to do such big things could feel this rewarding. It's nice, and I love being a mom!


Kerri said...

Very sweet, Stephanie. I love it when kids write their own talks. They mean so much that way.

RQ said...

These are the moments I, too, cherish most. Hold on to it for when they are being little stinkers :)

Kay said...

Very cute. We have our first talk this next week, and I think I'm more nervous about it than her. But thanks for the idea of letting her write her own talk!