Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Sure Glad I Have a Sister

I was just thinking how grateful I am that I have a sister. She is great! I think back to when we were kids and how all I wanted was to be like her, to be with her (much to her chagrin), and how much I simply idolized her. She didn't like pineapple, so I didn't like it either (even though I had never tried it.) Even after she moved into her own bedroom I often would wander downstairs just to sleep in the same room as her. After all these years, she's still my hero. I love her to pieces, and I'm glad we are friends.

She got to come visit for mother's day with her husband Jeremy. It was so fun to see her! I know these family visits end up being so exhausting and kind of whirlwind-ish, (especially when you get your company sick... sorry for that you guys!) but wow, it was great to see them!
They were good sports and came boucy-castling with us, and I think we all realized that bouncy castles are for the young - and not the young at heart.
Uncle Jeremy helped the girls build forts, and roast pretend marshmellows over a pretend campfire. Uncles are great!! And then we spent our Saturday doing service for our mom for mother's day. Amelia rode her bike for hours through the cold-a-sac, and Lucy...
Well, she planted herself in the yard.
Sisters are amazing. I'm glad God created sisters.

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