Sunday, May 23, 2010

Too Tight

Amelia finished off her dance class for the year tap-tap-tapping away to the tune of "Puttin' on the Ritz". I think I'll rename the tune for her, "puttin' on the tights"... she hates all clothes that are itchy, tight, cold, "weird" and just about threw in the towel a month ago because of annoyance with the dress standard of dance classes. But this class has been great for her. Although I don't think she'll grow up to be a professional dancer (and may not ever choose to take dance classes ever again) she did it, and did really well. I was so proud of her, watching her learn from a teacher and she always did her best to do what teacher Erin told her to do. She's going to do so great in school this year! Wow! My little girl starts school in 3 months. But she's ready. She loves the interaction with others, with a teacher, friends, friends, friends. This girl LOVES to have friends. She'll be her own kind of little miss popular, but the kind of popular that people love because she makes them feel loved and they feel good being with her. She's a good kid. I love her to pieces, even when she was complaining of tights and leatards being too tight and feeling weird all over. She's amazing! I love her lots and lots!

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?! Yeah, I know I'm a bit prejudice.

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Ellen said...

She is VERY cute! And she looks like she knows what she is doing in spite of the itchy, weird feeling clothes. She has really made "strides" since I watched her in dance class. Fun, fun. Tell her she's quite the ballerina! from fans in NEAZ.