Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lucy doesn't like peas

"Don't you like it? Oh, Lucy, my sister!
Come ere, come ere, come ere...
Look. Look at. This is the (? We think shes saying peas, or good stuff... take your pick)
She wants to eat it, just shes not eating it."

"Hold Still Luc."

This was dinner tonight. Bedelia was determined to feed her sister her dinner. However Lulu wasn't so convinced she wanted to eat ground up peas. It really hurt Bedelia's feelings that Lulu wouldn't eat her bites and eventually was taken out of the high chair after hardly touching her dinner. Se La Vi. I thought it was cute though. Whenever I see my daughter doing things like this it's like looking into a mirror, she says and does things she sees me or daddy doing, the mimic-mothering really make me giggle some days.


Ellen said...

That is such a cute conversation. Bedelia knows what things are all about.
Loved the video.
Love those two sweeties

Kerri said...

Hey, Steph,

The video is so cute! I'm glad you've started this blog!

We've got one going, too. It's

Hope you are all doing well

Grandpa Walton said...

Grandma and I think this is a great idea. Love the movie. This is my first awareness of the LuLu moniker. Give the two hugs and kisses from us.

Love you guys!
Grandpa Walton