Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Lulu Milestone

Lulu is on the move! She's been scooting and spinning and grunting her way around the room for a month now, and finally on Sunday she got up on all fours and crawled! We are so proud of her and her great accomplishment. Bedelia, however, has been caught guarding toys, running for cover saying, "quick, hide! Lucy's coming!" She is proud of her too, maybe a little jealous at times of the attention, for she too has been crawling a lot this week. Baby proofing the house again has swung into full gear.


NE AZ Grandma said...

Oh, poor Bedelia. Her peaceful days of keeping the toys and attention to herself are over. I hope she gets over the shock soon.
How fun to have your pudgy angel making tracks. She is growing up fast. Too fast.
Your Christmas tree is not going to be safe this year

Anonymous said...

By the way, since you set her up to show her stuff, did you give her a crawling handicap on purpose? When you puts her knees on the skirt she can't move forward, poor thing! She would have gotten there in half the time without the skirt. Show us some speedie Lulu without a skirt.
-- just a thought in NE AZ