Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Buckethead!

Happy Birthday Amelia! My little girl is 3 years old today. I can't believe I have been a mom for 3 years. You know, its interesting celebrating an oldest child's birthday, its a celebration of survival for the parents as well. Hooray! We survived 3 years of parenthood and our children are still alive! Anyway, I think (THINK being the optimal word in this sentence) I'm going to enjoy having a 3-year old. It was fun today to have her truly recognize it was her birthday. She's always been so smart and quick with thinking and words, but for some reason she seemed older in her dialogue this weekend. For instance, at dinner tonight, we were all so hungry and tired Dallan and I started eating and forgot to talk. Don't worry, Amelia reminded us. She said, "I know! We could talk!" Wow! What an amazing idea. So she started a conversation and we talked about nursery and she informed me she had pretended to be a puppy and the lady told her to not be a puppy anymore. Or like last weekend, we went to Wilcox AZ to visit Dallan's sister and Amelia got to have a sleep-over with her cohort in crime cousin Meghan. We caught those two at 3 in the morning chatting about the dreams they had had and about our kitty Tula, and who knows what else. But those are such big girl things to do, my little girl is no longer a baby in any way. I love how smart she is, how grown up but yet childlike she feels, I absolutely love the conversations we have. I have learned so much from that little buckethead, I'm very grateful to have her as part of my family and to have her be my oldest. She is truly the best big sister in the world to Lucy. Anyway, enjoy the pictures from all our birthday festivities!
Since her birthday was on Sunday, we told her she could invite a couple friends over on Saturday for cake. She said "five friends". So we told her to start naming that many friends and she named "Max, (we insert his mom's name and brother), yeah, and Ashlyn (we insert her mom and brother) yeah." Ok! Five friends! This is Amelia with Timothy and Ashlyn Laughlin, her favorite girlfriend.

At Amelia's request, a pink cake, with pink frosting with a mother bird and her babies in a nest! Voila! I thought I did pretty good!

Best quote of the night, "Look mom, I'm dressed as a shoebox!" A box still proves to be the best present a kid can get. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! The toys inside are pretty fun too.


John & Laura said...

Wow!! Great job on the cake. Very cute. And I love the pictures of her with the curls in her hair. So pretty!

his mama said...

She looks so pretty (or should I say cute??? she is to young yet to be "pretty" or I wish she was still to young, haha!) in that first picture...happy birthday minnie!

his mama said...

I realized I should point out the cars by the nest cake picture...there presence made, of course, by my son, the toy car fanatic :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! The photos of Bedelia with curls have a Shirley Temple look-a-like quality. In case you aren't familiar with Shirley Temple, take my word for it.
Looks like a fun time was had by all. See ya soon in NEAZ

Kerri said...

So cute, Stephanie! I can't believe she's three, either! How did that happen? Impressive cake, too, by the way. Don't you love how specific three year olds can be in their requests?