Tuesday, September 9, 2008

26 Years Behind Me

Happy 26th birthday to me! We've had a fun morning going to feed ducks and have a picnic with our friends Max, Kellie and Rian. AND I got to have my free birthday lunch from Joe's BBQ, yum! :) The girls are both napping now, :) and I am just feeling thankful for lots of things. SO, for my 26th blog entry on my 26th birthday, I wanted to list 26 things I am thankful for in my life.

1. God and Jesus Christ. I am so thankful I have knowledge of a living God who knows me and loves me and has shown his hand in numerous ways throughout my life. And for a Savior who took all of my sins and shortcomings upon himself so that I have a chance to make it back to them someday. (I think that might have been two...)

3. Dallan. He's wonderful! I love how patient he is with me. He really is the perfect man for me! Not to mention what a wonderful dad he is. And he's cute... ;)

4. Being a mom. There is nothing better (most days). What a blessing it is to have 2 strong, healthy and vibrant girls to raise. They teach me so much.

5. Music. It's played such a significant part of my life, it defines a lot of who I am! It's one of my favorite things to do and be a part of. I am grateful for all the opportunities to make good music I've had throughout my life.

6. Good friends. Everyone needs good friends in their lives, and I have some of the best! My friends keep me sane!

7. Good parents. I am grateful I have a close relationship with my mom and dad. I am also grateful for the way they raised me. They are the best! (I'm also grateful for my in-laws. I married into such a good family)

8. Sisters. I'm grateful for my sister, she's one of my closest friends. I've always looked up to her. I'm also grateful my daughters get to have each other as sisters. It's one of lifes greatest relationships.

9. Brothers. My brothers, all three, just seem so much older and wiser than me. I love to talk to them all and learn from them and their experiences.

(okay, now that I have the sentimentals out of the way...)
10. Technology. (Otherwise I couldn't be typing this blog post right now!)

11. Ice cream. Dallan made me an ice cream cake for my birthday, I'm so excited to eat it!!! (and I need to figure out when I am getting my free b-day cold stone ice cream.) I really am grateful for ice cream! :)

12. Parks. They are free and they are not in my house AND kids can run and not get in too much trouble. I like going to the park.

13. I'm thankful this is half way done... this is getting difficult. Maybe I just need to think more basic...

14. Shoes. It would be hot without them.

15. Being home so I don't have to wear shoes.

16. Good Books. (I'm waiting my turn to read the next Stephanie Myers book... yes I like sappy teenage romance novels!)

17. Quiet afternoons.

18. My house, when its clean.

19. Work = money = bills paid = less stress, so I guess I'm thankful for work.

20. Digital cameras. Do you remember the day when you had to actually develop film?! Wow! Am I ever grateful I'm now part of the digital age!

21. The Whiting Homestead. It has always been Dallan's favorite place on earth, and I do believe it is now one of mine.

22. Fun toys. I think I like toys more than my kids some days. And I'm SOOOO excited for Christmas!

23. I'm thankful the bugs are gone from our garden. I guess the bugs go when the plants go, but at least I don't have to squish them anymore.

24. Laughing. Its life's best medicine.

25. Health. We sometimes take for granted how perfectly our bodies work until you lose some of that perfection. I'm grateful for the healthy times.

26. I'm grateful for 26 wonderful years of living and looking forward to a whole lot more!


Kerri said...

Happy Birthday, Steph. I can't believe you're 26. I was trying to figure it out today. I guess I'm almost 11 years older than you...scary, huh?

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have an extra piece of that ice-cream cake for me. :)

Ellen said...

I appreciate all of the things you appreciate. They are blessings in my life also, except for the bugs. Happy Birthday! and Happy Children Adventures! which at this season of your life, you can't get very far away from for very long.
Love from NEAZ

The Paynes said...

Happy Birthday! We have very close birthdays. And pregnancies! Hope you had a good one!