Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Throne of Enlightenment

Potty Training... sigh... after 8 months of it, you'd think things would be EASY! Well, some of the aspects of it are, like Amelia is 100% dry all night long, and no longer uses any pull-up products. So that, I am REALLY thankful for! However, the "number 2" part has become less than humorous to me, until today! Amelia loves to take her time, in EVERYTHING! She loves to draw out meal time, clean up and chores, getting dressed, showering and going to the bathroom. The other day we had record time of 1 1/2 hours spent on the toilet at one time. If that isn't enough time to read the readers digest I don't know what is!! Her problem is she had quite a scary bathroom experience two weeks ago where Dallan's trip to the bathroom preceeded Amelia's and the toilet overflowed ALL OVER the bathroom, water was just gushing out while Amelia was in there. That's enough to traumatize any small child (heck, it was my biggest fear as a little girl that the toilet would drown me!), so I could empathize. She's hesitated every time she's needed to poop since then (sorry for the "p" word on my blog... beware, it may come up again as this is a poopy topic). And every time she's needed to poop (there it is again) she has a small accident in her pants. This had happened a few times before the overflow incident, but it's just gotten worse since then. So I KNOW she needs to go! I've basically told her she isn't allowed to get off the toilet until she has finished pooping IN THE TOILET! Thanks to Kellie I've tried to change my attitude about this all and not get mad, so we're making subtle improvements... but today, today was funny! She pooped in her pants again, this was just as we were getting ready to make dinner, so we sent her to the bathroom and Dallan shut the door and told her to have some private time to take care of business. Well, 15 minutes later we went to check on her and found:

Zzzzzzzz........ poor thing!


Kay said...

I'm feeling your pain... I've decided never to have more kids... I don't want to potty train them.☺ And really I shouldn't complain, Meghan has done most of the work, but I'm still tired of it!

Kellie said...

Aren't Sunday's the best, haha!!!! That is a great baby book pull out for the fiance picture :) Just be will all come out well in the end (did you get the funny I made there, hahahah, okay, maybe it was only funny to me, but darnit, it was funny!!!!)