Monday, September 8, 2008

Showin' Off

I really just want to show off how cute my girls are, and I haven't posted new pictures in a while. Here are some summer favorites.

The budding artist in the family.
Specialties include letter A's, circles and giant hearts.
Peace!Is it time to go yet?
You have to admit, she has great hair!
Talk about water-logged!

Aren't they cute? It's so much fun watching these two very different people develop and grow. They have such different strengths and interests, but love each other so much. It's so fun being their mom!


Ellen said...

I'm glad they have such a great mom. You are doing a great job of chanelling those sweet personalities on their people timeline. We're glad you and Dallan are there to learn all of the fun things about raising our grandkids.

Kim said...

So adorable! I wish we lived closer to you guys!!! Thanks for sharing. :)