Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween: The Big Kahuna

We decided to go Trick-or-Treating with cousins this year. We had so much fun. Lulu was really excited to have Max the puppy going with us Trick-or-Treating, so much so that the dog was far more interesting than the candy. Eventually we ended up slowing the big kids down, so we split up and went our own route. I was very pleased with my daughters. They were very polite, even Lulu would say, "treat?" and "yo'welcome" (that's how she expresses thanks now a days.) and they just loved it. There were a couple houses which let the girls pick out their own candy. Lulu thought this was a great idea, and she raided one guys bucket taking all the suckers she could grab. He laughed, we laughed, it was a good time. Coming home from the festivities I realized, Halloween is a holiday in which neighbors open their doors for others, give "gifts" and show true neighborly kindness. Just for that, I love Halloween... okay, that and the candy!


Ellen said...

Love the whiskers. Love the cats.

Mariah is a gorgeous queen.

Max does a great dog.

You're a cute witch also.

Still haven't figured out what Dallan was, a gigolo? Escort service?

Kim said...

Yeah! Stephanie got to dress up! I think I might have also been more interested in the dog than the candy...especially since when I was younger I would forget about my candy under the bed until spring cleaning! Thanks for sharing the fun pics :)

Janae said...

Hey Steph! I found your blog off of Kerri's. Your girls are soo cute and I LOVE how you call Amelia "Bedelia"! So cute! The costumes turned out great..gotta LOVE halloween! It's the one time a year that we can look absolutely ridiculous and get away with it. Not that you looked know what I mean. :0)