Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Year of Blogging... Time for a Facelift!

It's funny how your mind remembers certain things. As I was cleaning up this evening I thought to myself, "you know, I think I started blogging last November." and sure enough my first blog post was November 2, 2007. So HAPPY BLOG-AVERSARY 'Lulu and Bedelia'! And by happy coincidence I discovered the beauty of "cutest blog on the block" today and redid my blog. Concider it an anniversay facelift. I have seen other blogs and wondered how they got them to look so dog-gone cute, so we'll try this look for a while.

I also learned about "photo widgets" today and added a little slideshow of photos. Now what I'd REALLY like to learn how to do on my blog is create my own things using photoshop. I know it is possible, and I actually got photoshop on my computer so I could learn to digital scrapbook with it. But so far what I can do with photoshop seems very primative. So if anyone knows of any great tutorials that can help me in my digital blogging and scrapbooking layouts I'd sure appreciate the input.

Blogging is such an interesting sociatal tool now days. It seems like everyone has a blog, and they are all so unique. I'm greatful for the ability to keep in touch with family and friends, I'm greatful for the moments of escape it provides to journal and gain strength from others journaling, and also for the fun you can have creating your own web space! I just wish I knew how to use it fully. I have to say, I married a computer genius but I am far from being one. *sigh*


Kim said...

Happy Blogaversary! Love the facelift. It makes me want to update mine again. It does make for more interesting and fun journaling - at least the kind that can be shared. It makes living far apart much easier! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Kerri said...

I think the new look is darling.

Kay said...

Cute. If you are interested, there are some link on my page to some more cute backgrounds. The Allie Brown link has really cute one and also headers. Anyway, just FYI. It has taken me a long time to learn what I'm doing on here, and I still don't know everything. Half my family is computer genius', you'd think I'd have gotten some of that by pure genetics, not.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Kay-- I'll go look at those. I understand your genetics woes-- one of my brothers got a 36/36 on the math portion of the ACT and my other brother ended up going to Harvard. Where did that genetic line end?! Who knows! :)