Monday, December 15, 2008

Why are you doing this to me, mom?!

Our experience with Santa Claus:Ok, it was mostly a success. Only a few tears shed, no words spoken, except Santa thought it important to talk to me and tell me the girls need visitations more often if they are going to have a joyous and positive experience. I thought, YEAH RIGHT!! I don't care if seeing Santa is a joyous experience! There is just some wierd nostalgia to waiting in long lines to force your children to sit on a strange and somewhat scary looking old man's lap and take their picture. It's like my favorite scene from Christmas Story (I even chuckled watching my children, playing this exact scene in my head) where Ralphie goes to see Santa with his little brother Randy. I laugh every time I see that part! And yet, as we were going home I asked Amelia if she had fun. She commented, "yeah, I really liked seeing Santa." So don't let her face fool you!

How were your Santa visits this year?


Kellie said...

I think we are going to attempt ours today or tomorrow, thankfully where we go there is no line, Max didn't go last year but Rian did (he was like 5 months, didn't have much of a choice) we will see how this year goes.

Ellen said...

That is a classic and a journal moment to be revisited in coming years. Lulu will love being reminded that she has a natural fear of scary, hairy, oddly dressed obese old men.

Fun photos.