Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adventures in Utah

We had the opportunity to visit my family in Utah the week before Thanksgiving. After a grueling 14 hours in the car with two small children, we enjoyed ourselves quite thoroughly.

The kids learned what Autumn and Fall truly were. You see, we don't really get much in the way of season's changing, and the girls had never before played in the same magnitude of fallen leaves as they found in Utah. It was also much colder in Utah than our toasty home in Arizona, and my mom's best friend was thinking of my girls and made them these adorable matching jackets! (Thanks Linda!)

Some days were not as cold as others. I told her before she went out she should put a jacket on, and she informed me she was "brave enough" without. But sure enough, it was a rather pleasant day. Perfect for raking leaves and making leaf-angels.

More to come...

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Kellie said...

Cute jackets! And cute background!

I still love me some AZ winters, no matter how "pretty" fall is everywhere else ;)