Sunday, January 25, 2009

Silly Meya!

Founder of the Silly club and all things silly!

Amelia: "mom, I'm going to grow up to be a mommy, not a daddy because I don't want to work."

"I need to eat vegetables to grow healthy and strong. Like meat! Meat is a vegetable!"

"Last night the babysitter showed me how to stick that (the whipping cream spray in the fridge) in your mouth and squirt it, like this! It's REALLY good!"

"Daddy, you need to teach mommy how to drive."

"Mommy taught me a magic trick that when the light turns green the car just knows how to drive all by itself!

"Pickles are a vegetable."

"This ice cream is mint (still eating it.). Mint isn't very good for me."

"That kitty shouldn't have run out into the street, or it wouldn't have died. That's why we don't let Lucy run into the streets or she would die."

"In primary we talked about scriptures. I didn't have my scriptures."
ME: "Do you want to take your scriptures next Sunday?"

We were desperate in potty training and threatened to put a diaper on Amelia one day after going through most of her newly cleaned laundry. The conversation was as follows:

: "diapers are the worst thing I can think of!"
ME: "Don't wet your pants then."
AMELIA: "Well, then you just have to do my laundry!"

"I dreamed about the zoo last night." or park, or friends house, or cousin's house depending on her mood.

"But Lucy CAN'T have a bed like me! She's still not as big as me and beds are for big girls, not babies!"

"It's okay if I don't wear shoes. I'm brave enough."

And in front of primary today, the primary president was talking about helping families, like washing the car. Amelia pipes up, "but my mommy doesn't let me wash our cars."

That does it! We'll have to wash the car tomorrow. I wanted to point out, it's not that she's not allowed, its that I hate doing it!

I love my little "Meya", and thinking of the silly things she's says is a reminder to me to always write down the cute things your children say so they are never forgotten and can bring laughs for years to come.


Kerri said...

She is a hoot. I love that you're keeping track of all her darlingness. She's got a lot of spunk. I wonder where she got it...

Kellie said...

love it! and love her!!!

Kim said...

So stinkin cute!!! Make sure you print those out somewhere so you don't lose them! "...that's why we don't let Lucy into the street..." made me laugh the most! Remember when she saw the guy jogging with just shorts on and she wondered why he was running naked?! I love that girl!