Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Glamourous Evening

The Star of the Show
What an amazing opportunity! I had the chance last night to play as soloist with the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble. The conductor, Dr. Willson, came across a copy of the Bellini Oboe Concerto for wind band and asked me if I would enjoy playing it. OF COURSE! I played this piece my senior year of high school, memorized, with a community orchestra. So to play it again was like a marvelous blast from the past, except I sounded better this time! We did this concert for a retirement community in Mesa, so it wasn't anything fancy or in a big hall, but just the chance to play, to look pretty and to have people applaud just for me is such a wonderful thrill. I loved it. And to top it off my biggest fans were able to come. We had a babysitter so Dallan could come, and my parents were able to come along with my brother. Not to mention the old man on the front row who was oohhs and ahhs throughout the piece and the remainder of the concert. He made me smile! It was a wonderfully fun evening!


Kerri said...

STEPHANIE!!! I'm so proud of you! What an honor. Way to go, cousin. You're amazing.

Ellen said...

That is mahvalous! What a lovely experience to do something you are really good at, amid the mundanities of life.
Ooh's and Ahh's and NEAZ