Monday, December 13, 2010

Bike Riding and Kindergarten

Amelia is growing up WAY too fast!

Amelia came home from summer festivities, and tried and tried to get good at riding her two-wheeler unassisted. We still use it as an example (quite often) when she says something is too hard to do. It was not easy for her to let go of her fears with bike riding, and now she is very proud of her accomplishment. She zooms up and down our hills with ease.

Matthew enjoyed our bike riding activities as well.

On the subject of Amelia, she is such a cute kindergartener, don't you think?! She likes school, mostly for the friends it provides every day, and loves to come home and talk about their amazing schedule. I ask her what she did at school hoping for great stories, and instead often get: "well, today we had computers and p.e. Tomorrow is art and music!" That's about all I get most of the time. She's reading quite well, getting invited to lots of birthday parties and friends houses... oh wait, that is just more emphasis on the social. I guess she has always been, and probably always will be, a social butterfly. She's learning lots.

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