Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Halloween Piano Recital

Did I mention that Amelia has begun piano lessons this fall? She's doing great! I enjoy watching her learn music, and either she's a natural at it, or just has a mother who is excited to sit and practice with her. It's fun (most of the time). She had her first piano recital on Halloween. They did a star wars theme for part of it. Amelia played the introduction to the star wars portion by playing the 20th Century Fox movie theme. She picked that one because she recognized it, not from star wars, but from ice age. Go figure... She also played "One Scary Night", both from memory and did a GREAT job!


John and Laura said...

Wow! impressive playing and from memory even! Good job, Amelia!

Haslams said...

I really do need to get my girls into piano lesseons. I'm impressed Amelia was able to do that! Way to go!