Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Boy

We all know that all babies must grow up. Oh how I wish it didn't have to be so quickly though! A year has completely flown by, and I am looking back on it wishing I had a way to slow down time, or record every second of it in a rational way. I absolutely LOVED the infant Matthew. And I love and ADORE the new one year old Matthew. He is a delightful little boy. Every day I smile because of him. And if all babies could be guaranteed to be as calm, loving, easy going, (great at sleeping) as he is, I think I could have 20! Okay, maybe not 20, but you get my picture. He is wonderful, and I am grateful every day to be his mom.
My babies are growing up!
Swedish pancake breakfast to start the day, which I must say he either wasn't in the mood for, or wasn't a fan. He mostly played with his breakfast.
And of course we had a party.
There were gifts. (Thank you sisters, I'm sure he wouldn't have been able to open them without you!) ; )
AND CAKE! (It was supposed to look like a hat. We had a "hat" party because it is his absolute favorite word to sign. He loves to spot people in hats, or make things into hats. You name it, it can probably be called a hat!)
And he is already good at sharing.
Okay, now lets get serious.
This IS his happy face. Say "cake"!
What a great birthday for a great little guy!
Love you bunches, Matthew.