Monday, December 13, 2010

What I did Last Summer

Here is a very brief look back at our trip to Washington this summer. I could make an entire book out of the fun pictures we took there, but I decided on only three for my quick blog catch up! We drove two days with a baby who refused to sleep in the car, a broken dvd player and a very agitated mommy in order to get there. Oh, but it was SO worth it all. We played on the dark sandy beaches of the Washington coast, hiked through a rain forest, Amelia even let her Aunt Sue teach her to ride a two-wheeler (thank you, cousin peer pressure!). It was a wonderful reunion with Dallan's family.


We got home from Washington and found even MORE cousins to play with! My two brothers, whose families live back east, came for a visit. We went to the zoo, played a lot at Grandma's house, and then went CAMPING! My grandmother, of 92 years, organized a reunion for all of her posterity in the campground my family went to year after year while growing up. It is a place filled with wonderful family memories for me. It was fun to take my own family there. Although it seemed to rain more on our Idaho campout than it did the entire time we were in Washington, which seemed a bit backward to me, we still had a good time.

This is my grandma, sitting on the red coat pictured above! She was amazing to have put this together for all of us.
My sister Kim, and cousin Janae painted a lot of fingers and toes. Lucy was happy as could be to be pampered!

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Janae said...

and I was happy as could be to pamper Miss Lucy! ADORABLE! Sooo fun to see you guys again!