Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas is FULL of Performances

Okay, this is the last I'll post of my adorable girls performing this month. It was a busy month (no, let me say WEEKEND) of group performances. Amelia's school had a singing open house where each grade was able to sing for their parents. The kindergartners were so amazingly cute! I know I've said it before, but this is seriously my favorite age so far!

Lucy has been enrolled in a "Let's Get Ready Music" class done by Miss Raya Leavitt. It's been a lot of fun to go with Lucy (and Matthew) every week to learn songs and sing with Raya. The "Let's Get Ready" is an introduction to the "Lets Play Music" classes. It's a group approach to making music fun and educational at the same time. I believe the hope in this approach is to make the entire music experience about fun and play, not power struggles and tantrums. It's a good idea, and the younger ages were fun to watch in the performance (and make a LOT of sense!), but my 5 year old was doing more than a lot of the much older students were in this recital. It seemed a little "babied". Being a professional musician, I must say, music is a lot of WORK! There isn't a soft way around it. I like what Raya does with the younger children though. Lucy is learning solfege, she is learning rhythm, a sense of pitch, and much more. But I think beyond maybe age 7, this program takes things a bit too slow. This was my opinion after watching students ranging from age 2 to 16 take the stage.

Anyway, that is solely my own opinion, and we will continue one more semester with Raya -- and with that said, enjoy the adorable group of 2 & 3 year olds performance.

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Grandma in NEAZ said...

Well, Mr T was just too tired or distracted to play the BINGO game. Funny! Cute kids, cute singers
And Little Miss T-Pot was very good at her form and jumping. Cute like sweetie pies. Thanks for sharing.