Monday, December 27, 2010

Some more Simpers on Stage

We had a busy, busy Saturday. After Lucy's dance performance, we had a piano recital to attend. (neither of these events made the grandparents very happy due to the scheduling conflict with BYU football, but they do love their grandchildren more and very willingly attended both events! Thanks mom and dad, for being such devoted grandparents!)

Amelia first played "The Brahms" as she learned to call it. However, it is a little arrangement of part of the Hungarian Dance. Then she played Jingle Bells. This recital was quite the accomplishment for this girl. December was busy and the recitals seemed to sneak up on us. Well, lets just say she practiced, and Practiced, and PRACTICED the week of this performance so that she could complete her teachers Christmas challenge, that if they could get 20 chain links together, one link for every time a piece was played perfectly, she would give them a candy bar at the recital. WHEW! It was a LOT of work, for everyone involved, to earn that girl her desired candy bar. But earn it she did! And I think she felt very proud of her great accomplishment. I LOVE doing music with my girls! It makes me happy.

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Grandma in NEAZ said...

I love the almost sing-along she was doing, mouthing the words as she played. Fun, fun.