Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can we go to Cornbellys?

This was the question every night I got while putting Lucy to bed during the month of October. We bought the month passes to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point (thanks to a deal on city deals, it made the passes for a month equal to one visit) which allowed us to take the kids a couple times, and even go on a date by ourselves once. Dallan and I made record time through the giant corn maze of 20 minutes (I think, or was it 13?) because my husband is incredibly smart, and knows his mazes! But they had bouncy things, and riding things, and a giant box full of corn kernals to play in, besides the many mazes, shows ect. It was a lot to do, but it was a fun part of our fall festivities this year. Lucy still often asks if we can go back, and is only convinced that we can't when I tell her the people put all the things away until next fall. We might have to find a way to go back next year.

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